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Donations and Support

Donations and Support

Donations to the ‘Forschungsstiftung Medizin’ research foundation (keyword ‘DZI’) support the financing of projects that otherwise would not have been possible.

We are very grateful to our donors for their ongoing support.

Forschungsstiftung Medizin Research Foundation

History and objectives of the foundation:

Forschungsstiftung Medizin was founded in December 2007 in Erlangen by Dr. Siegfried Balleis (the mayor of the City of Erlangen at the time), Dr. Wolfgang Pflederer (chief physician of the teaching hospital in Ottobeuren at the time) and the Universitätsklinikum Erlangen as a supporting institution.

The founding members set an example and provided the initial capital for the foundation of around 147,000 euros from their own personal assets. The motivation behind the foundation was that in Germany top level research at universities must not only rely on state financing if it is to retain its high standards internationally. Rather, the personal dedication of each individual also plays an important role. The foundations of large American universities served as a model in this respect. It was essential for the founders that sponsors, donors and patrons are all recognised for their contributions and that the process for handling all contributions ranging from individual donations to endowments or dedicated foundations remains simple for the donor. A signature is all that is usually required.

The founders shared the belief that in Germany top level research at universities must not only rely on state financing.

Forschungsstiftung Medizin is managed by DT Deutsche Stiftungstreuhand AG (lawyer: H. Ohlmann), Schwabacher Str. 32, 90762 Fürth.